Vision and Cognition Lab

We’re a cognitive neuroscience research group in the School of Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington. Our ultimate goal is to help understand how the brain makes the mind. To tackle this problem we focus on the workings of the human visual system, with a special emphasis on face processing. Our research combines methods from psychology and neuroscience, including behavioural experiments, psychophysics, individual differences, eye tracking, electroencephalography, brain stimulation, and modelling.

A major research program in our lab concerns developmental prosopagnosia – a lifelong impairment of face recognition despite otherwise normal vision and intellect. We’re currently testing large samples of participants to better characterise what aspects of face recognition they have troubles with, what face processing mechanisms are disrupted, and how we might be able to rehabilitate them.

If you want to know who we are, see people.

If you want to sample our research, browse papers.

If you’re curious about face blindness, read this blurb on prosopagnosia.

If you want to join our lab, please get in touch. We’d like to hear from motivated students at all levels. We’ve had a mix of people working in the lab including MSc students, CBNS students, SCIE306 students, summer scholars, research volunteers, and student interns.