Tirta Susilo ( is the lab leader. Tirta did a PhD in cognitive psychology at the Australian National University and was a postdoctoral associate in cognitive neuroscience at Dartmouth College. Tirta is interested in all aspects of face processing in health and disease.

Lauren Bell ( is an MSc thesis student working on prosopagnosia and face expression. Lauren has a BSc in psychology and biology and a BSc(Hons) in psychology.

Anna Boggiss ( is a research volunteer. Anna is a third-year BA student majoring in psychology. Anna is studying face processing using photo negatives.

Cassandra Burton-Wood ( ) is a research assistant who is organising our study with faceblind participants. Cassandra is about to finish her MSc thesis on memory with Maryanne Garry.

Angus Chapman ( is the lab wizard who makes sure people have what they need to run their projects. Angus holds a BSc in psychology, statistics, and mathematics, and a BSc(Hons) in psychology. Angus is involved in almost all projects in the lab.

Gates Henderson ( is a research assistant. Gates did her MSc thesis in lab using TMS. Gates received a BSc in psychology from Open Polytechnic of New Zealand.

Daniel Jenkins ( is a research assistant. Daniel did a CBNS placement in the lab using eye tracking. Daniel holds a BSc in molecular biology and a BA in psychology and philosophy, and he is working on his MSc thesis on consciousness with Gina Grimshaw.

Sumaya Lamb ( did a CBNS placement and is now doing her MSc thesis on prosopagnosia and perceptual expertise. For her placement Sumaya used EEG to test face-specificity in the brain. Sumaya has a BSc in psychology and criminology.

Kelsey O’Neale ( was a summer scholar and is now a SCIE306 student. Kelsey is in her final year of undergraduate study at VUW completing a BSc in biology and psychology. Kelsey is exploring we can do with webcam-based eye trackers.

Stephen Salter ( is a research assistant. Stephen holds a BSc in psychology, ecology, and biodiversity. Stephen is running a behavioural experiment to figure out whether holistic face processing is one thing or many.

Viktoria Sefcikova ( is a student from University of Toronto who is doing a 2-month internship in the lab. She is completing a BSc in Psychology and Genome Biology.


Emma Ashcroft did a CBNS placement using individual differences to study how we recognise people using faces, bodies, and hairstyles.

Hannah Hawkins Elder was a summer scholar, SCIE306 student, and research assistant. Hannah developed a sensitive test for measuring face and place recognition abilities and examined how recognition of famous faces in robust to image changes.

Brendan Sturt did a CBNS placement using eye tracking to study rapid orienting to faces.