Tirta Susilo is the lab director. Tirta is interested in all aspects of face processing and visual perception in health and disease. Tirta did a PhD in cognitive psychology at the Australian National University and a postdoctoral training in cognitive neuroscience at Dartmouth College.

Lauren Bell is an MSc student studying facial expression processing in prosopagnosia. Lauren has a BSc in psychology and biology and a BSc(Hons) in psychology.

Anna Boggiss is a research volunteer studying the role of the eye region in face recognition. Anna is a third-year BA student majoring in psychology.

Cassandra Burton-Wood is our lab manager. Cassandra makes sure our lab is running smoothly. She is also running a on object recognition in prosopagnosia.

Hazel Godfrey is our prosopagnosia research manager. Hazel oversees our Marsden-funded research on prosopagnosia.

Kelly Hewitt is a CBNS placement student. Kelly is using eye tracking to test whether ultra-rapid face detection interacts with figure/ground segmentation.

Daniel Jenkins is a research assistant studying rapid detection of faces using eye tracking. Daniel holds a BSc in molecular biology and a BA in psychology and philosophy.

Maya Lamb is an MSc student in the CBNS program studying perceptual expertise in prosopagnosia. Maya has a BSc in psychology and criminology.


Emma Ashcroft did a CBNS placement using individual differences to study how we recognise people using faces, bodies, and hairstyles.

Angus Chapman was our lab manager. He is now a PhD student at UCSD with John Serences.

Hannah Hawkins Elder was a summer scholar, SCIE306 student, and research assistant. Hannah worked on prosopagnosia and familiar face recognition.

Gates Henderson did her MSc thesis in lab using TMS to examine the role of the occipital face area in face recognition. Gates is now a PhD student at Victoria University of Wellington supervised by Ann Weatherall.

Kelsey O’Neale was a summer scholar and a SCIE306 student. Kelsey explored how we can use webcam-based eye trackers for studying face processing.

Stephen Salter was a research assistant. Stephen investigates whether holistic face processing is one thing or many.

Viktoria Sefcikova did a 2-month internship in the lab. She is completing a BSc in Psychology and Genome Biology at University of Toronto.

Brendan Sturt did a CBNS placement using eye tracking to study rapid orienting to faces.